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Nickname Roman

Male Toy Cavoodle

First Generation

Parents Olive and Odin

Date of Birth 12/5/24

Ready to go home 7/07/24


Nickname Rory

Male Toy Cavoodle

First Generation

Parents Olive and Odin

Date of Birth 12/5/24

Ready to go home 7/07/24


Nickname Tia

Female Toy Cavoodle

First Generation

Parents Bonnie and Dexter

Date of Birth 22/5/24

Ready to go home 17/07/24


Nickname Toto

Male Toy Cavoodle

First Generation

Parents Bonnie and Dexter

Date of Birth 22/5/24

Ready to go home 17/07/24


Nickname Utopia

Female Toy Cavoodle

First Generation

Parents Luna and Odin

Date of Birth 22/5/24

Ready to go home 17/07/24


We started breeding toy poodles back in 2002, then in 2010 we started breeding first generation cavoodles. 

Sydney Cavoodles is a small boutique family breeder located in Camden, South West Sydney. We are registered breeders with MDBA (Master Dog Breeders & Associates) also verified Ethical Pet Breeders Australian Registry, RightPaw and PSAA Puppy Scam Awareness and a registered business with an ABN.

Sydney Cavoodles  

Has been selected as one of the best cavoodle breeders in Australia


By Dog Breeds Expert

What we come with

All Puppies will leave our home vaccinated, microchipped, 

vet checked with a health certificate from the vet

Three year health guarantee.

All Puppies Parents are Full DNA breed tested.

We breed - Red, Caramel, Apricot, Black, Black and Tan and Chocolate
Puppies are sold on a desexing contract -

Pet Homes Only
Puppies are well socialised and handled 
Treated with Revolution
Toilet Training started
Crate Training started
Subject to noise, various surfaces and have a canine enriched play area
Phone and Email Support
All puppies come with a puppy pack
Instructions on training
lifetime re-homing

Lifetime Support

Toy Cavoodles

Toy Cavoodles will be approx. 

4kg to 9kg, 28cm to 32cm shoulder height for the Toy Cavoodles

DNA testing

Parents will be responsibly and ethically paired if they are a DNA match for healthy and unaffected puppies. We DNA test for the following diseases:

Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia

Curly Coat Dry Eye Syndrome

Degenerative Myelopathy

Elliptocytosis B-Spectrin

Episodic Falling Syndrome

Mucopolysaccharidosis VI

Neonatal Encephalopathy


Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration


von Willebrand's Disease Type I

Miniature Cavoodles

Miniature Cavoodles will be approx. 

9kg to 15kg, 32cm to 45cm shoulder height for the Miniature Cavoodles


A puppy deserves an excellent diet for their


​We only use premium dog foods  that ensure we are providing our dogs with

only the best.

You will receive a 2kg bag of Royal Canin food plus 2 x 25% vouchers

Toilet Training

All of Sydney Cavoodle puppies are 95% toilet trained to our environment, we train them to go on synthetic grass and real grass.



All puppies have their first vaccination C3 and microchip before they leave, there is two more to do with you (one month apart)


All Oodles require regular grooming, that is the nature of their hair.

​As our Sydney Cavoodles do not shed, they need haircuts.

As a guide, 4-8 trims a year, depending on your hairstyle preference.

Parasite Protection

Several parasites are endemic to Australia, there are monthly products to ensure your pet is protected.

Your location determines the need, whether it is worms, fleas, tics, a monthly treatment is necessary for prevention. Ask your vet for what you need in your area.


Establish a sleeping routine and place, before you bring your new puppy home. You can start with crate training your Cavoodle at night and keep your pet's crate in the room you want the dog to sleep in. Older Cavoodles might pick their spot and all you need to do is place a comfortable bed in that place.


All dogs require 30 minutes of exercise daily. In your home is enough or you can walk them.

Different breeds require more, but cavoodles are not highly active.

 Cavoodles can train to go long distances (5km) but in gradual stages of training. 


You should incorporate dental health in care, whether this is dental clean, brushing teeth, water additive or dental chews, oral care is key.

When Only The Best Will Do 

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