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Progroom Tangle Free Shampoo - Bronze 500ml

Progroom Tangle Free Shampoo - Bronze 500ml

ProGroom™ Tangle-less shampoo has been formulated with luscious conditioning complex to leave coat soft, shiny and easily combed.  It is recommended for dogs where light conditioning is desired, thus eliminating the need for an additional conditioning rinse.



  • Cleans deeply and gently, removing dirt and excess oils, leaving coat fresh, fluffed and fragrant.
  • Softens and adds manageability without additional conditioners.
  • Ideal for coats that tend to matt  and “oodle” breeds.
  • Good for all coat types, when light conditioning is desirable.
  • Can be diluted up to 6:1, use less dilution for more conditioning.
  • Easy rinse soap-free formula.
  • pH balanced for safety and effectiveness.
  • Long lasting fragrance.



  • Dilute 6:1 for hand bathing.
  • Use as a first shampoo and repeat if necessary on extremely dirty coats.
  • 15:1 dilution for Hydrobaths or breeds with Wire Coats.
  • For extremely greasy coats, you might want to use full strength or use ProGroom™ Amber Degreaser Gel directly to coat.

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