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Anxiety Ease Apprehension Flower Essence Drops

Anxiety Ease Apprehension Flower Essence Drops


Plush Puppy Apprehension Flower Essence Drops are a calming formula infused with natural essences preserved in alcohol to help relieve nervous tension and anxiety in dogs.

A natural remedy for dogs who may experience anxiety.

Featuring a relieving mix of Rock Rose, Mimulus, Aspen, Centuary, Fuschia, Lavender, Dog Rose and Willow essences.

Use during thunderstorms or before vet visits to calm a nervous dog. Perfect for use if your dog suffers separation anxiety .

  • Natural Aqueous infusion of flower essences
  • Help to re-balance out of tune behaviours or emotions
  • Easy to administer using dropper within lid of bottle

Suitable: Ideal for dogs who show symptoms of acute sensitivity, nervous depletion, ill at ease, slouching stance, affected by other dogs and anxious. 

Directions: Give 1/3 to 1/2 dropper on the morning of show, also each night and morning up to 3 days prior to show. Use approximately 1/3 to 1/2 dropper 45 minutes prior to showtime.


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